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The Raving Rabbids arrive in your living room!

Raving Rabbids board game ObyzAppeared for the first time in the video game Rayman against the Raving Rabbids, the Raving Rabbids are now everywhere! These small mammals animated by conquest instinct tried to invade the world of Rayman, and now the Earth! All the intelligence of the Raving Rabbids boils down to this now famous borborisme: Daaaaaah! Humor is the trademark of the license. We immediately recognize the Raving Rabbids: they are white with big red eyes and a big mouth! But they mostly seem unstable and completely stupid!

Did you know? The Raving Rabbids are doubled by a signle person: Yoan Perrier, developer from Ubisoft. He was pointed out by the producer when he was amusing people from the studio by making one of his voices. The voices are almost not reworked, some are just increased by 3 more acute semitones.

Raving Rabbids board game by Obyz

Obyz presents you a traditionnal games briefcase with the colors of the Raving Rabbids! This Raving Rabbids board game includes 20 classic games completely revisited and adapted to the crazy universe of the rabbits! From 2 to 6 players and from 4 to 199 years old, Raving Rabbids The Bwaaahte ! 20 jeux classiques includes: the goose game, a game of checkers, the small horses, a chess game, snakes and ladders...

Obyz comes back very soon with new Raving Rabbids games and toys!

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